University Alumni Sign | by Artisan Todd Davis

al·ma ma·ter ˌälmə ˈmädər/ noun noun: Alma Mater; noun: alma mater; plural noun: alma maters the school, college, or university that one once attended. the anthem of a school, college, or university. University Sign – Are you interested in a unique college or school sign for your wall? I can make it. I use a […]

Fresh Eggs for the Kitchen | by Artisan Todd Davis

Fresh Eggs Sign – I was playing around with some interesting color combinations and decided this was perfect for a kitchen wall to give the country feel. The wild egg color green and the dark grey lettering just pop in about any kitchen. I distress the framing with my special technique and paint a nest […]

Indian Motorcycle Sign | Hand Painted in custom sizes

Indian Motorcycle Sign – I made this sign with an old distressed motorcycle shop look to it. It is hand-painted with dark wax aging here and there. The size is @18″ tall by 32″ length. It is a real knock-out viewing it in person. The old grey-black background with the muted orange and red colors […]

Trestle Bridge Table ™ | by Artisan Todd Davis

 Trestle Bridge Table – So I was kicking around some ideas on a cool looking wood and metal table. I just wanted to incorporate my metal working skills with some woodwork. I didn’t want the woodworking to be too involved and require expensive hardwoods since my challenge was to create an affordable table that was […]