The EarthPillow ™ | by Artisan Todd Davis

The EarthPillow ™ –

(Custom Canvas Dropcloth EarthPillow ™ – by Kim Davis)

Hi, I’m Kim Davis, Todd’s wife. I make this darling pillow using canvas that is a washed brand new drop cloth. I love to sew, quilt and knit every chance I get. I have many fabrics in my sewing room and make all sorts of items. I came across this idea on Pinterest and coupled it with my ability to create graphics on just about anything. We call it The EarthPillow ™ The pillow case is fully washable and you can take the cover off of the nice down feather filled insert. A quality pillow insert gives this Canvas EarthPillow ™ a country feel. I make these pillows in sizes ranging from 12 x 18″ rectangle to 20″ square.

Custom Sizes, Graphics, Colors –

Normally I put Christian phrases or pet pictures on these pillows but I can put whatever you like on them as long as it’s not vile or profane. I can use all colors for the graphic too. The least expensive pillow has a single color graphic. I can use more colors but the cost goes up. These pillows are quite popular and are made rather quickly. These are made to order and brand new

Pricing –

The price for a standard 18″ square Canvas Dropcloth EarthPillow ™ with single color graphic or phrase is $40 If you want a special size I may be able to accommodate you but keep in mind I do use a sourced down-filled pillow from crate&barrel. They come in common sizes. This is the only sourced product I use. It just makes the EarthPillow ™ more affordable for my customers. I appreciate you looking at this item and May God Bless You! Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art

Structured Data, Product
Name: Custom Canvas Pillow
Description: custom order canvas pillow with your favorite phrase or graphic hand painted.

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