Fresh Eggs for the Kitchen | by Artisan Todd Davis

Fresh Eggs Sign –

I was playing around with some interesting color combinations and decided this was perfect for a kitchen wall to give the country feel. The wild egg color green and the dark grey lettering just pop in about any kitchen. I distress the framing with my special technique and paint a nest right int he middle with three eggs. I just love scrambled eggs and I can’t eat just one. I like three eggs when I going at it for breakfast, This sign can be made small or large….you pick the size you need.

Custom Sizes –

A nice size for this sign is about 9″H x 30″W  It has a 1.25″ x 3/4″ thick frame for proper accenting. The Fresh Eggs sign can be made in any color combination you desire.

Let me know your sizing and I can start painting one for you. This will be a classic in your home. Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art

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