Trestle Bridge Table ™ | by Artisan Todd Davis

 Trestle Bridge Table –

So I was kicking around some ideas on a cool looking wood and metal table. I just wanted to incorporate my metal working skills with some woodwork. I didn’t want the woodworking to be too involved and require expensive hardwoods since my challenge was to create an affordable table that was easily reproducible. I just wanted to do something with economical materials and have the correct blend to yield a durable heavy-duty low cost table for my my home. So I came up with the Bridge Trestle Table™ (Note: I can make custom sizes and colors of these for sale…just let me know if interested.) Just email me and we can start a dialog.

This table weighs in about 400 pounds at the 4′ x 7′ size. This Trestle Bridge table is built like a tank. I weld angle an iron cage underneath the top and for the legs to add an extreme-duty durability. Definitely an heirloom piece to hand-down throughout the years. Across the lower legs I fabricate a rod and make my own turnbuckle centerpiece. I blacken-treat the iron and coat it for decades of wear. this is a professional finish to treat the natural aged metal look. The thickness of the top is 3″ thick on the borders.

Heirloom Construction –

All solid wood construction in this piece of furniture. This is not a cheap “1×6” table construction or glued wood-pulp particle board MDF board with veneer finish on it. This is solid pine and douglas fir to keep the costs down and I enrich the look with my secret finishing techniques to give this table a unique look only found here at    I have made this table in rich hardwoods and boy does it look specatacular. Quite pricey though but worth it. I used Peruvian walnut with spalted maple striping on the top and tung oiled the surfaces. Truly elegant dining table. Let’s talk about what woods you prefer. The pine is absolutley gorgeous with the finishes I apply.

These tables are affordable and will certainly become an heirloom in your family. They won’t end up in the dump like some of the cheaply made but expensive tables from popular manufacturers. Here is an excerpt from Pottery Barn’s construction processes:

“Expertly crafted from thick planks of meticulously weathered and distressed hardwood, poplar veneers and MDF with forged iron.”

MDF? I thought it was a joke but it really is made of glued veneer thin sheets of wood over top of particle board. Unreal… Well, I’m not interested in mass production resulting in cheap materials. I think the people of this country are past that. Plus my prices are half of that fake furniture being made. I am interested in getting quality furniture out there in the community that will last a lifetime. I stand by my work and customers are happy and repeat commission me to do more work.

Custom Size Ordering –

If you see something on Pinterest you like but it is a DIY piece not sold anywhere, send me a pic and I can most likely duplicate it for you. Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art

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