University Alumni Sign | by Artisan Todd Davis

  1. al·ma ma·ter
ˌälmə ˈmädər/
noun: Alma Mater; noun: alma mater; plural noun: alma maters
  1. the school, college, or university that one once attended.
    the anthem of a school, college, or university.

University Sign –

Are you interested in a unique college or school sign for your wall? I can make it. I use a unique vintage feel to the sign which stands out from all the rest. Usually I make them about 20-24″ square with a nice wide bordered frame encasement. The colors and graphics can be any that you like. The pricing depends on intricacy of the graphics and the color choices, but the pricing doesn’t vary that much regardless. The size is what affects the pricing. Below are some examples of alma mater signs I have made to give you an idea.

Here is a list of some of the schools I have made signs for:

  • Columbia University Medical
  • MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • WVU West Virginia University

The Univeristy seal is a 1/4″ standoff cutout and applied onto the background. Highly detailed graphics of the seal give this sign the pop you may be looking for.,

Custom Sizes & Colors –

Any size if doable here at TheBlessedEarth . Mostly the sizes of the University Sign I have made is 20-24″ square. I can make them rectangular though. The backing is a plywood painted in your color choice or can be natural tone. The framing is a solid wood 3/4″ thick wood about 2-14″ wide. This gives the shadowbox look.

Pricing –

Standard pricing is $100 depending on complexity of graphics for a 20-24″ square sign. Email me and I’ll get back with you about what I think an extravagant graphics is. Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art

CLICK HERE to watch video of WVU Mountaineers sign

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