Black Walnut Slab Bench | by Artisan Todd Davis

Black Walnut Slab Bench:

This is an exquisite black walnut slab bench made to any length with a tubular steel custom welded base. The black walnut slab can be 1-1/2 inch to 2 inch thick and comes in various widths. These are all air dried to preserve the truest and most enriched walnut color. I do not kiln dry walnut and I feel it is disrespectful to the wood to wash out the walnut color as kiln drying does. There are live edges on each side of the slab. Some have bark remaining and some do not. It depends on what time of year the tree was felled. If in winter then the cambium was dormant and the bark will remain solid. If in the spring or summer growing season, the cambium is active with moist uptake
nutrients and the bark will be removed since it can easily be removed just by grabbing it and pulling it off. It is not stable in the spring or summer.

Colors and Sizes:

Since the slabs are created by nature I have no affect on what God creates in nature. The widths vary and I can sawyer a slab as needed but it is hard to tell when I can come across a specific width slab. I will try and post the slabs that can be used for benches from my stock. Usually anywhere from 10 inches to 20 inches width are available. The wider slabs will most likely be 2 inch thickness. The bases are custom welded steel rectangle tubes that I make depending on the shape and size of the slab. These benches are heavy-duty and can support anyone or several people. they are commonly used for dining tables or sitting benches on the porch. Each slab is finished with tung oil.
tung oil from the tung nut gives the richest color in the walnut. It has been used for thousands of years. I suppose I can use polyurethane for those who need the most protection but not the richest tone of black walnut. I can paint the welded base in any color or finish. the base looks really neat when I use my blacksmithing finish to give it the natural steel look from years ago. This provides a rather exquisite industrial look.


Pricing depends on the size of the slab which will affect he base size as well. A typical 12 inch wide slab that is 4 feet long with a natural industrial steel base will be $175 plus shipping. These are heavy so crating will be need if not picked up in person.


Here are some pics of 4 feet to 5 feet benches already made that have a 10-12 inch wide slab that is 1-1/2 thick and tung oil with painted bases. Notice the one bench that has excessive welding beads on its legs. This has a really nice effect. It kind of looks medieval.

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