Consignment Kiosk | by Artisan Todd Davis

Consignment Kiosk

Okay so I made this natural wood framed kiosk to help with sales in a consignment shop. It shows pics of a builders work and cycles through them all day long. It turns off & on at User set hours automatically. I reuse my software skills to write code on a small computer within this unit that the Linux operating system is installed on since it is free. I setup an internal wireless network on it so that a User can login to the kiosk and upload pictures or delete them from any wireless mobile device. you can manually turn the unit on or off from your phone or tablet also.


Different sizes are available. It depends on what size monitor screen you want to show your images on. This particular kiosk I made for myself uses a 19″ monitor with a 3:4 aspect ratio. It is not a widescreen although they can be easily used. I build the cabinet around the monitor using any look or feel you want. Metal industrial or vintage farm or modern stylistic. You name it.


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