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Custom Signs:

I make lots of custom vintage farm signs and more. So many I have lost count. I didn’t even take pictures of most of them. I am taking pictures now though. I will update this post with new ones as they are made. I use just about any material. They got to have that old feel to them though. I used to work for a sign company in the 80’s and I learned alot about the structure and technique of signs. I never got a chance to make a vintage old-world sign though. They were always that plain vinyl cut lettering junk that you see everywhere with no style or soul to them.

I am now free to make what I want and to express my love for all things old. If you have a sign in mind that you need or have seen something on Pinterest or the web somewhere just send me a link and we can talk about getting you something similar. I can make any size and color with your choice of graphics or lettering.

I really like making these old signs out of various media as a background. Sometimes when I see a piece of board or material it speaks to me what theme the material needs to become a really unique and artistic sign.

Colors & Sizes:

As you may have noticed by reading other content on this site I can make signs in about any size or color scheme you are looking for, It just takes patience and care to create the best product that God have given me talent to make. Send me an email so we can discuss your needs and share with me your artistic visions and we together can make it a reality. You can even send me your material for me to hand-letter or paint a special graphic on if you are sentimental about a special piece.


Costs are really dependent on each particular design with this product. We can affordably work something out together. Do you have a favorite board or background you want something special painted on? I can create a sign on your material too.

These wooden sign will provide years of personal pleasure to your home decor or business.

Fill out this form at the bottom of the pics with information about what you are looking for: Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art Vintage Art

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