Home Theater Poster Frankenstein | by omeTArtisan Todd Davis

Frankenstein’s Monster Movie Sign:

I put this one together for those that are looking for a little something special for their home theater. This one pays homage to one of the great horror film classics. The background is a one-of-a-kind mottled paint job with vibrant lettering and eery green Frankenstein appearing from the background. The frame is a dark blue slate. All is aged with wax and patina.

Color & Size:

I can make these any size and color you want. The theater can be made to show your name or whatever you like as the lettering. I used the Opheum theater as it is one of the most beautiful theaters ever built.

TheBlessedEarth.com Vintage Art
Frankenstein’s Monster Home Theater Sign

TheBlessedEarth.com Vintage Art


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