iPhone iPad stands | by Artisan Todd Davis

Mobile Device Stands:

iPad stands support your mobile device or tablet at just the right angle to offer maximum visibility while sitting or standing at a desk or countertop. The bottom of the stand has a notched area for a power charging cable. Either the 30-pin style connector or the lightning cable or the newer iPhone cable will work.

The iPhone or tablet device can be placed upright or landscape mode. Ideal for the kitchen too to read those recipes while cooking or baking.

If you have a particular design or graphic that you want me to paint on the stand just let me know. I can make any size stand too, in case you want something for a book display or other artwork or media (like a podium). The finishes I can apply on the wood is up to you as well. I can use just about any wood you want and can combine different woods for the backpanel,side uprights, bottom ledge or stand base.


The price for each stand depends on the size, wood species, and graphics needed. Each is custom made to order and requires up to 2 weeks for creation. These are very sturdy stands that will last a lifetime.

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