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My name is Todd Davis, I am a native of West Virginia that has moved around a little bit. I started out working for a sign business in Pennsylvania for 10 years and learned many construction, art and construction skills. I was coming of age at the time in the late 80’s and decided I really wanted to use my mind and creativity so I went to college at WVU and graduated with a computer science degree. I used this degree to work at a couple of commercial and government sector jobs for 19 years. It has proven to be quite lucrative. I highly suggest that any new college student, starting school in this day and age, pursue a field of study that has a return on your tuition investment. The days of the pre-1980’s when you were guaranteed a job for just about any field are over with now. You have to select a study that has a job waiting for you. I think the first course in all colleges should be “Fields of Study and ROI 101” (ROI = Return on Investment). Writing software code 10-12 hours per day can get boring at times. I was very enthused at first and could not get enough of it.

But now that my eyes are open to the world, I just think there is more to life than a day-job somewhere. I still write software as a day-job but am mixing my love to create beautiful artistic home decor pieces that hold on to the by-gone era with a vintage look and feel. they just don’t make things the way they used to. Too much plastic and no soul.

I started making a simple whale sign a few years ago and each new thing I made had to be different than the last and had to incorporate skills or tricks I have learned from previous creations. You can see the whale sign here. I have since migrated into furniture with a farm style. I sometimes look on Pinterest for ideas to use as a foundation for a piece but I always have to change it up a bit or improve on its design. My home is filled with many one-off creations. Some, I really love, others, are just prototypes. I have never lost the love to make a sign…except now I get to create from my own decisions. I absolutely love making a custom sign for a customer according to their specs too (I get to see there delight when I give it to them). Now that my furniture business is well established, I think I have found the Lord’s calling for me.

You see I was not always religious. In fact I was practically a lost soul. I found God just before leaving my last software job and have been in the clouds since knowing that my Soul is saved. The purpose of this website and my activity now is to share with you my God given talents for using my mind and body by creating items and selling them to spread out to the world, thus TheBlessedEarth.com

I am a Christian and am tolerant of all religions. My personal Faith is for me and me only. It is a relationship between God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and me. I try to spread the Word as often as I can. The world needs it. People will embrace anything these days and they don’t realize that bad connotations may be attached to what they embrace. I see everything “playing out” just as written in the bible. I pray for my customers and business to help the world by populating it with more and more of my wonderful home decor and furniture. I welcome you to explore my world through this website and share any good thoughts you may have.

I have a small family: wife Kim, and two dogs Woozal and Nookie. I am in close contact with two brothers and my mother all of the time. This comprises those around me right now. I am very thankful for all of them as they keep me going with support that what I make are things that people really want. My family is very helpful with new ideas too. It is my “Feedback Central” as well as my customers.

My wife Kim loves to sew, quilt and knit. If you’re in need of something particular, she’s your girl for that. Look at the wonderful Drop Cloth Farm Pillows Kim makes. We adorn them with any custom graphic you chose. I just love the down-feather, not pure down, insert she uses. The slight crinkly sound gives it that old feel I remember from yesteryear. She is very meticulous in getting her measurements just right. I saw here miss a stitch on a hat she was knitting and ripped it all out to redo. I didn’t know knitters were such perfectionists. I wonder if pioneer women missed a stitch and just kept on going so someone could wear the hat just to keep warm out on the prairie, missed stitch or not. Hee hee. Her sewing is impeccable and such wonderful bright ideas she has. Look for some of the items in the Shop here as Kim Davis is always offering something you can purchase.

With my software skills, I thought it would be helpful to offer myself more exposure to people in search of what I make by creating this website and showing my items. I have found a way to make this very website with ample bandwidth, reliable uptime on an huge internet host, 100GB storage and easy site installations for $12 per year. I rarely pay for some service. I will make it myself or figure out how to before paying for services, but I just couldn’t resists $12/year.

So that is my rather brief background. I hope you have a better understanding now of who I am and how I got here. Please email me if you have something to say or just want to talk. I love all things and hope you do too.

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