Home Theater Poster Frankenstein | by omeTArtisan Todd Davis

Frankenstein’s Monster Movie Sign: I put this one together for those that are looking for a little something special for their home theater. This one pays homage to one of the great horror film classics. The background is a one-of-a-kind mottled paint job with vibrant lettering and eery green Frankenstein appearing from the background. The […]

Wright Brothers Engine Crate Sign | by Artisan Todd Davis

Wright Brothers Engine Crate: I make this out of thick 1/2″ plywood left bare and lettered with authentic addresses, patent numbers, and coefficient of lift formulas developed by Orville and Wilbur Wright during their quest to take man in flight. The crate sign has a cedar inner border with a wide shadow box type framing. […]

Wedding Sign | by Artisan Todd Davis

Wedding Sign These wonderfully decorated wedding commemorative signs fit just about any decor. The background is a natural wood finished in tung oil with a graphite color frame. the frame is 3/4 inch thick and about 1 to 1-1/4 inch wide depending on total sign size. The beautiful script last name shows well behind the […]

iPhone iPad stands | by Artisan Todd Davis

Mobile Device Stands: iPad stands support your mobile device or tablet at just the right angle to offer maximum visibility while sitting or standing at a desk or countertop. The bottom of the stand has a notched area for a power charging cable. Either the 30-pin style connector or the lightning cable or the newer […]

Garden Signs | by Artisan Todd Davis

Our Organic Non GMO garden: This summer we got our container garden operating. I built (3) 4′ x 8′ containers for cucumbers, peppers, romaine, radishes herbs and such and one 4’x4’x30″deep container for heirloom non-GMO tomatoes. During the construction I thought how nice it would be to label the vegetables with neat little signs. I […]

Corncrib Entryway Table | by Artisan Todd Davis

Corncrib flooring entryway table: Handmade with naturally distressed aged corncrib top. The table’s apron and legs are custom made for an elegant entryway table size. This particular table is 5 feet in length and about 20″ wide. It is a solid wood top that is one piece of wood. The top is aged over 100 […]

University Alumni Sign | by Artisan Todd Davis

al·ma ma·ter ˌälmə ˈmädər/ noun noun: Alma Mater; noun: alma mater; plural noun: alma maters the school, college, or university that one once attended. the anthem of a school, college, or university. University Sign – Are you interested in a unique college or school sign for your wall? I can make it. I use a […]

Fresh Eggs for the Kitchen | by Artisan Todd Davis

Fresh Eggs Sign – I was playing around with some interesting color combinations and decided this was perfect for a kitchen wall to give the country feel. The wild egg color green and the dark grey lettering just pop in about any kitchen. I distress the framing with my special technique and paint a nest […]

Indian Motorcycle Sign | Hand Painted in custom sizes

Indian Motorcycle Sign – I made this sign with an old distressed motorcycle shop look to it. It is hand-painted with dark wax aging here and there. The size is @18″ tall by 32″ length. It is a real knock-out viewing it in person. The old grey-black background with the muted orange and red colors […]

Trestle Bridge Table ™ | by Artisan Todd Davis

 Trestle Bridge Table – So I was kicking around some ideas on a cool looking wood and metal table. I just wanted to incorporate my metal working skills with some woodwork. I didn’t want the woodworking to be too involved and require expensive hardwoods since my challenge was to create an affordable table that was […]